Patient Safety Mission Statement
The Patient Safety Department is committed to the quality of care and safety of our patients. Patient safety is a recent nationwide initiative aimed at prevention of harm or injury to patients. We continuously look for ways to improve care, decrease errors and strive to exceed your expectations. The safety of our patients is our top priority and is embraced by the entire organization. We coordinate with all departments to promote the goal of improved medical care and patient satisfaction. We take quality and safety seriously at Kakaki Hospital.

Fall Prevention
To protect you from accidental falls and mishaps, our nursing staff routinely raise hospital rails. Please keep bed side rails up at all times. If you are uncomfortable keeping your side rails raised, you may sign a waiver of liability. Hospital stays are often accompanied by changes in physical abilities as a result of illness, surgery or medication. When getting into or out of bed, preparing to walk or moving from bed to chair, please ask your nurse or nursing assistant for help if you are unsure of your ability to manage on your own.

Infant and Child Safety
Kakaki Hospital uses cribs, or beds with side rails as a means of ensuring the safety of infants and your children. Removing your child from this protected environment can pose a risk for falls or other types of injury. In addition, our nursery and obstetrics units are locked for the baby’s safety. Please buzz for admittance to either of these units.

Kakaki Hospital operates as a smoke-free facility. Smoking is not permitted in hospital buildings. For the comfort and health of patients and visitors, please do not smoke within 50 feet of any hospital entrance or entryway. If you have smoking-related concerns, please speak with your doctor or nurse.

Safety Preparedness Drills
To keep our staff members up-to-date on safety procedures, our hospital conducts periodic drills. You may hear announcements over the loudspeaker alerting personnel to fire, disaster or missing patient drills. At regular intervals, we also test our fire alarm system by ringing alarm bells and closing fire doors. If you hear a safety-related announcement or alarm, please remain calm and wait for instructions from a hospital staff member.